Minga Cabrera

Brown Sugar, Pomegranate, Red Grapefruit


A Fruit-forward Peruvian Coffee

Milciades Minga and Irene Herrera operate a family farm in Gramarotal, La Coipa, San Ignacio, Peru, with their children and grandchildren. The coffee farming in this area relies on the local community; the farmers come together, typically during harvest season, to help each other with the labor. All the coffee in this lot — made up of Caturra and Bourbon — are wash processed, however, some of the cherries go through what northern Peruvians call 'cereza.' This is when the coffee cherry is picked and then rested for 24 hours before it is depulped. This step increases the depth of flavor and the overall sweetness in the cup.


Milciades Minga


Gramarotal, La Coipa, San Ignacio


Caturra, Bourbon


1690 MASL





The Farm

Señor Minga has three drying spaces, which are wooden additions to his rooftops. The wooden panels are covered in mesh to allow optimal airflow for drying in the region’s environmental conditions. He also operates a carpentry business, so he is able to build elaborate housing and farming structures.

Our Relationship

While this is our first year working with Milciades Minga, our importing partners at Origin Coffee Labs have been working with him and his family for the past four years. We’re excited to partner with them because the Mingas are known for their consistently exceptional coffee and have been a paramount of transparency in purchasing equity for sourcing.