Decaf Blend
Creamy, Deep, Sweet


So good, you won’t believe it’s decaf

You don’t have to compromise a great cup of coffee just because you’re cutting back on caffeine. Whether you’re enjoying an evening cup paired with a sweet treat or sipping a few throughout a long day, you won’t have to fear a sleepless night with Placebo. Naturally processed using sugar cane (Ethyl Acetate) extraction to decaffeinate the coffee prior to roasting, Placebo provides a rich flavor and creamy body you can enjoy all day or evening without worrying about ruining your sleep schedule.


Terra Café Association


Nariño, Colombia


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo


1,900 MASL


Washed / Sugar Cane EA Decaffeination



Sugarcane Extraction

Sugarcane decaf is often referred to as naturally decaffeinated coffee, due to the use of natural and organic materials to extract the caffeine. During the process, sugarcane (an abundant crop in Colombia) is fermented into molasses to create ethanol, which is mixed with acid to create an E.A compound. E.A is naturally found in wine, beer, fruit, and other foods and beverages. After the green coffee beans are soaked in water and steamed, they are washed with the compound, dissolving the caffeine. The beans are then washed again with water before being dried, preserving the full integrity of favor and resulting in an unparalleled, caffeine-less final product.

Our Roastery

In Placebo, expect notes of caramelized sugar and cherry with a deep, creamy, medium to medium-high body.