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With the U.S Coffee Championships coming up next month — which our lead roaster Paul is competing in — we wanted to take a moment to look back on last year's competition. We had three semi-finalists: two in the Barista Championship and one in the Brewers Cup Championship.

Our competitors in the 2022 United States Barista Championship (USBC) both used our Luis Reinoso coffee. We just added this coffee back to our menu last week! So, while each harvest tastes different year after year, we still wanted to share the Luis Reinoso Signature Drinks recipes our team competed with last year using that harvest of Luis Reinoso.

Madcap barista Rhianna Bennie made it to the semi-finals using Luis Reinoso’s AAA separation coffee and her expertise in espresso. Here’s the signature drink recipe she used.

Rhia and her signature drink at USBC 2022


-Luis Reinoso espresso
-Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout tea concentrate (steep 12g of tea with 150ml of water for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and chill)
-150g dragonfruit flesh
-100g honey
-7g black sesame seeds
-Rose water
-Lemon peel


To make dragonfruit simple syrup

- Simmer 150g dragonfruit flesh, 100g honey, and 50g water for 12 minutes on a medium heat
- Blend in 7g black sesame seeds, strain, and chill

To prepare:
- In a whipped cream canister (or shake over ice as alternative) combine:

  • 8g oolong tea concentrate
  • 10g dragonfruit black sesame simple syrup
  • Single shot of espresso
  • One dash of rose water

- Charge with nitrogen (charged twice for body andtexture benefits) OR shake with ice can create a similar effect
- Pour into drinking vessel
- Express the lemon peel on top


Madcap’s Sales Manager (and former Madcap barista) Ben Martin impressed judges with his skills and Luis Reinoso’s AAA separation coffee, also making it to the national semi-finals. Here’s the signature drink recipe he used.

<p>Ben Martin and his signature drink at USBC 2022


-Luis Reinoso coffee
-Tart cherry concentrate
-Cascara simple syrup (simmer 30g casc, 50g sugar, 210g water for 7 min)
-Egg white
-Cherry blossom powder (substitute rose or matcha if can't find)


In the first shaker add:

-Single shot of Luis Reinoso espresso
-2 grams tart cherry concentrate
-9 grams cascara simple syrup

Shake those three ingredients over ice, strain into your drinking vessel.

In a separate shaker with agitation agent (coil, whisk ball, etc), shake the following:

-1 egg white
-2 grams cherry blossom powder
-2 grams honey

Spoon into the vessel on top of the liquid.


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