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At Madcap, we are always searching for new ways to express our values, sharing the beliefs that shape our coffee in different forms. We look for partners who are like minded and approach their craft in similar manner. Our friends at Long Road Distillers consistently execute at a high level across quality, sourcing, and service—leading us to a unique and special product, Amaro Pazzo.

As a coffee company, we are obsessed with taste. For us, taste is the lens through which we see the world. At Long Road Distillers, they are meticulous in their ingredient selection and distillation, which made their proposal of a partnership something we could not pass up. We had admired their work from afar for a long time, and to make our favorite liqueur (amaro) using one of our favorite coffees (Reko) was the perfect intersection of passion and product.

Over a period of nine months, Madcap and Long Road went through multiple tasting sessions to narrow down what coffee to use and how to best distill the product. The final decision landed the team on Madcap’s Ethiopian Reko, which provided the base of Amaro Pazzo. With notes of citrus and candied sweetness, Reko pairs deliciously with the other components in the amaro such as wormwood, turkey rhubarb, and myrrh, which are sourced with intention and care by the team at Long Road.

Working with Long Road Distillers was a cherished experience that gave us an immense amount of respect for the product Long Road makes and the processes they’ve built to ensure their products meet their standards. Looking to the future, we are excited for more batches of Amaro Pazzo to be released and the subtle nuances of each batch. Look for Amaro Pazzo at your local cocktail bars, or if you are in Grand Rapids, stop by the Long Road tasting room to pick up a bottle for home—we enjoy it neat or with the addition of club soda.

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