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After coffee has been harvested, there are specific systems in place to prepare the seeds of the coffee fruit to be transported across the globe. These systems fall under an umbrella term often referred to as “processing.” Madcap favors coffee that undergoes the washed process, an efficient and effective way of removing the coffee fruit skin and drying the seeds. The results are a clean cup that highlights terroir and clarity throughout the tasting experience.

However, the practice that dates back to the discovery of coffee is the natural process. This practice keeps the fruit intact with the seed throughout the drying phase. Once the moisture content has sufficiently dropped, the fruit skin is removed from the coffee seed. The results are a fruit-forward, heavier body experience. This is Party.

Man sorting cherries at the Raro Washing Station

In 2017, Madcap purchased Ardi, a natural-processed coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia. As a natural-processed coffee, it maintained a clean sweetness and clarity that was void of any defects often found in this processing method. Ardi showcased the care implemented in the harvesting, drying, and sorting phases. It quickly became a favorite on the menu and a dynamic element to Madcap.

Sourcing coffee from Ethiopia often entails purchasing from a consistent region and washing station. Over the years, we tasted other natural-processed coffees from this same region that deserved the spot on the menu. With Ardi being a fruit-bomb party, it made perfect sense to shift gears and design a brand to showcase delicious naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia.

A coffee washing station the Guji region of Ethiopia

This year, Party comes from the Raro Nansebo washing station in the Guji region. Here, producers use intercropping to cultivate coffee alongside other food crops to provide for the community. The coffee is selectively hand picked to ensure that it is harvested at peak ripeness and then is hand-sorted before it’s dried. Over the span of several weeks, workers at the washing station hand rake the cherries to optimize an even drying. This level of care and intentionality upholds the quality achieved by each producer and elevates the coffee’s beauty for us to experience in the cup.

We intentionally source coffees that highlight clean sweetness and fruit forward characteristics, and even as a natural-processed coffee, Raro Nanseb met those standards. With Party, you can always expect a fun, fruit-forward, clean sweetness and a delicious cup.

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